Phase 3 is now open!

Posted by Taylor Trodden on September 17, 2014 | 0 comment

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The time has come! Our final phase of registration is open! If you signed up to be on the waiting list, this is your time to come and register! If you did not register for the waiting list, do not fear, there is still time! You can sign up to be on the waiting list here: . We will continue to send out Phase 3 invites daily as long as there are still spaces available. Phase 3 registrants can als...

Preview Party Success!

Posted by Taylor Trodden on September 13, 2014 | 0 comment

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A big thank you to all who attended the Diner en Blanc- Albuquerque Preview Party last night! The exictement continues to grow as Diner en Blanc- Albuquerque comes closer and closer. Another VERY BIG Thank You to our friends at Southwest Capital Bank for being such incredible hosts and welcoming us into their stunning bank! We are so thrilled to have them on board as one of our wonderful event sponsors! Keep the buzz building Albuquerque, this p...

Phase 2 is now open!

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Posted by Taylor Trodden on September 10, 2014 | 0 comment

Phase 2 is now open! Get registereing, spots are going quick.  Phase 3 wi...

Phase 1 is now open!

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Posted by Taylor Trodden on September 03, 2014 | 0 comment

Phase 1 for the Innagural Diner en Blanc- Albuquerque is now open! If you reci...

How To Sponsor a Friend!

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Posted by Taylor Trodden on September 03, 2014 | 0 comment

As day 1 of registration comes to an end, we wanted to take some time and make su...

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Hello, I need to change my guest and when I try to...
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Also, what is the general begin and end time, so w...
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Hi! Will beer be added to the boutique?

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I purchased a prepared picnic ...
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Most viewed questions

Is it an illegal activity?

Le Dîner en Blanc - Paris is held on the most prestigious sites of the city, without authorization. The first editions were not easy to put in place. Today, the French authorities know the organization and know that it’s always well controlled. Moreover, the event’s photogenic quality adds to the city’s image of a modern and stylish city, open to the world. To ensure the safety of our International DEB guests, we require that the local hosts have the proper authorization, permits and insurances before proceeding with their event.

How many Dîner en Blanc events are there in the world?

There are close to 40 events scheduled, or in the process of being approved for 2014! Most take place in North America and Europe with a total of one hundred thousand members participating each year. The largest and most internationally recognized Dîner en Blanc, is the original event in Paris. Instigated over 25 years ago by François Pasquier and his close friends, it attracts today almost 15,000 people yearly. The second largest event is based in Montreal, Canada with 5,200 guests.

I have seen that many of your events worldwide are associated with certain brands, is there a possibility for sponsorship opportunities?

Dîner en Blanc International prides itself on being associated with some of the most exciting and elegant brands worldwide, however this event is first and foremost a dinner amongst friends and is not intended to be an event overly saturated with brand and marketing opportunities.

What must guests bring?

A table, two (white) chairs, a picnic basket comprised of quality menu items and china dinner service. They must wear white and be dressed elegantly. Originality is encouraged as long as it stays stylish and denotes taste.

Is the Dîner en Blanc really free?

Le Dîner en Blanc is first and foremost a gathering of friends. It is a non-commercial, organisation. The fee required of guests goes to cover the costs inherent to the organisation, e.g., bus rental, electricity, sound system, lighting, security, photographic and video services, and other small surprises peculiar to each event…

What are the key rules of the event?

Le Dîner en Blanc is quite different from other evenings. Seats are allotted on site in a very specific manner. - Once confirmed, the presence of each guest thus becomes essential and mandatory, whatever happens and regardless of weather conditions; - Colour: white only; - Bring a picnic basket, white table cloth, table (between 28”x28” and 32”x32”) and foldable chairs (white); - Arrive and depart by bus or organised public transit; - Bring one’s refuse when departing and leave the place as clean as it was upon arrival.

Why are men generally seated on one side and women on the other?

Le Dîner en Blanc is a highly photogenic event. Colour, style, but also the symmetry of men and women are important components of this aesthetics. This has also always been the tradition of Diner en Blanc Paris. Moreover, regardless of the site, there is always a guest perspective which is more pleasing to the eye than the other. This first perspective is always given to women. Same sex couples are not requested to follow this guideline.

How can we participate?

One must know a member of the organisation to receive an invitation. In other words, it’s a friendly co-optation system.
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